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Nel post scorso ho parlato della mia passione: la fotografia. Da questo mi é venuto in mente di fare il post di oggi: una piccola intervista ad un amico fotografo che abita a Milano e fotografa le sfilate delle settimane della moda. Pensate che dietro di ogni foto della moda ci sono questi professionisti che lavorano diverse ora per  “quella” foto che vedremo poi per mesi nelle pubblicità, sui giornali, etc. Ad ogni sfilata loro sono li, pronti a fotografare tutto, anche il famoso backstage, luogo che ogni fashionista adorerebbe visitare ma che é solo per pochi fortunati. E Robert Essl, questo mio amico fotografo é uno di loro. É nato in Austria, ma abita a Milano, e non solo fotografa le sfilate delle settimane della moda Milanese ma gira il mondo fotografando per la moda. Recentemente é stato a Londra e Parigi. Si può vedere un pò del suo lavoro nel suo sito ufficiale e nella sua pagina Facebook che scriverò sotto le foto. Purtroppo l’intera intervista é stata fatta nella língua inglesa, Robert sta ancora imparando a parlare italiano. Andiamo alle domande. Grazie Robert.

In the last post I talked about my passion: photography. From this has occurred to me to do the post today: a small interview with a photographer friend who lives in Milan and take pictures during the fashion weeks. Do you think that behind every  fashion picture there are these fashion professionals who work several hours for “those” photos that we will see later during months at advertising, newspapers, etc. Each show they are there, ready to take pictures of everything, even the famous backstage, a place that every fashionista would love to visit but only a few lucky people are able to get in. And Robert Essl, my photographer friend is one of them. He was born in Austria but lives in Milan, and not only photographed the Milanese catwalks of fashion week, he also travel the world photographing for fashion. Recently he was in London and Paris for job. You can see some of his work on his website and his Facebook page that I write under the photos. As Robert is still learning to speak Italian, the entire interview has been made in english. Let’s go to questions. Thanks Robert.

No último post eu falei de uma das minhas paixões: a fotografia. Olhando outras, me veio a ideia de fazer esse post de hoje. Uma pequena entrevista a um amigo fotógrafo que mora em Milão e fotografa os desfiles da semana de moda. Acho o máximo o trabalho desses profissionais. Pensem que atrás de cada foto de moda que estão nas mais famosas revistas mundo a fora, estão eles, trabalhando horas para obterem a “foto” que aparecerá por meses nas revistas, jornais, outdoors, etc. Em cada desfile, eles estão presentes, carregando os materiais fotográficos de um lado para o outro, Além das câmeras, eles transportam, diversas lentes fotográficas, flashes, tripés, e inclusive já vi muitos andando com escadas nas mãos ( isso mesmo gente, escada, porque tem fotografo baixinho que não da para ficar lá atrás dos grandões  sem fotografar nada ne?), e também com banquinhos, maletas etc. A cada desfiles eles estão presentes, seja do lado de fora, fotografando os famosos que estão chegando, ou  dentro fotografando o desfile em si e também o tão sonhado backstage. Lugar que qualquer fashionista adoraria visitar mas, que apenas poucos sortudos têm essa privilégio. E Robert Assl, esse meu amigo, é um deles. Nascido na Austria, Robert hoje vive em Milão. Como fotógrafo de moda, ele vive viajando pelo mundo, fotografando. Recentemente, esteve em Paris e Londres a trabalho. No seu site oficial e na sua página Facebook, podemos ver um pouco do seu trabalho. Vou deixar aqui embaixo o link dos endereços para vocês irem dar uma olhadinha, tá? Vamos as peguntas? Obrigada Robert.

BSF- When did you start to be a fashion photographer?

The start was in 2006. But in 2009, when I did move to Milan, I experienced more and more, that what I did before was unacceptable for Agencies and professional Models. My Portfolio, I did bring to Milan was not accepted. I was thrown to the ground of reality. On this way I needed to start completely new and had to change all my way of thinking. My knowledge was too limited. During this time I recognized that Fashion Photography is much more than just choosing Outfits, Makeup and making Photos of the Model in studio or in front of a nice background. A very big challenge for me was to make my mind free of skepticism and convert them into a kind of free thinking; in a strong believe that almost everything is possible, if you work hard for your goals and keep pushing yourself.

BSF- Did anyone inspire you to start this career, like famous photographers, friends, or even a family member?

When Iam thinking back in the past, I have to smile. The start was very curious. When I did return to Vienna, my Compact Digital Camera broke. So I bought a new one. One month later, someone stole it. I never was robbed before. At this time a lot of things changed in my life and especially this robbery, was like a inside starting shot for me. So I decided to save money again and buying a SLR Camera to start shootings. Too often before, I did think about to start. But I never did know how. So life did gave me a kick. And don’t worry, many more were to follow. When you ask what did inspire me to start, a lot of components are responsible for that. The most important once were Photographers like David LaChapelle, Mario Testion, Steven Klein or Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. And also fashion Designers. For example: Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo and D&G. Just to mention a few. I have seen this pictures with this fantastic wardrobe in advertisings, Magazines or Poster walls and I knew, I want to shoot like that.

BSF- Which is the feeling to be one of a few privileged person that see and photograph clothes and accessories, at the back stages for example,  that will be at the stores a few months later?

In Vienna, long time before I moved to Milan, I often did go during the week for a walk to look the shop windows of different designer stores. To viewthe presented dresses and designs. Like a Visitor in a Museum, looking at beautiful pictures. I called it: my usual creative tour, and felt like magnetically attracted to this world. If someone told me at this time, that I am coming in this opportunity to shoot, like you saying, the Collections before they arrive the stores, I would told him: Yes I agree, because it´s one of my goal´s what Iam working for.  About the feeling: For me it´s like getting short in touch with the inner circle. Getting a small taste, of what´s behind all the scene´s, pictures and Videos. Which going around the world during and after the Fashion Week. Most time we just see the runway and result. But not how much work is behind all this. I have a lot respect from the work of these people.

BSF- What do you like most at the backstage?

To have a closer look on the collection and to capture it. If possible to make photos of the Designer or Creative Director.

BSF – Which one is your favorite top model? Which one would you like to work with?

There are some, but Gisele Bundchen is my favorite. Her look and way of expression are breathtaking. The latest Campaign of Versace Spring 2012 by Mert & Marcus, where she was working for was just fantastic.

BSF- which are you favorites designers?

Thats is very hard to say. Every designer has his specialty and represents a individual kind of style. But some of my favorites for wardrobe are Armani, D&G, Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli and Versace.

BSF- What are you planning next?

I am in talk with two young Designers in London for shootings this year. During my recently Shootings in Paris and London I did make a lot of new and important contacts for future Projects.

Qui sotto qualche foto scattate da Robert.

Bellow some pictures taken by Robert.

Aqui embaixo, algumas fotos feitas pelo Robert.

Credits:Ph.:Robert Essl . Web site:


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